Why did Mary Jane put Andre out? #BeingMaryJane

Watching Being Mary Jane tonight put me in an emotional mess. So Mary Jane ended up flipping out and telling her mother the unthinkable, that she was dating a married man and could not leave him. It affected Mother Paul in a personal way and she told Mary Jane to go home and cry about it, and fix it in the morning.

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Well fix it Mary Jane did. She officially put her man out that she worked so hard to get. Hmmm... Now that he has left his wife and children and changed his whole life??...Kinda bad timing for Andre.

Well Bravo Mary Jane. We all make mistakes, but it is the woman of us that can try and right those wrongs. Mary Jane Paul had to put Andre out because it was just the wrong thing for her to do. Andre does NOT need to go back to his wife, he needs to fix his life and get his mind right.

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Being Mary Jane Andre

Why did she do it? Mary Jane put Andre out because she needed to do it for herself.

When you know that your behavior has hurt people, weather you know them or not, the hurt that you caused somebody else will begin to eat away at you. Mary Jane could not start a life with Andre because she has truly not ended her life with David, although he has ended it with her. Mary Jane also did not want to start a new life with Andre under those awful pretenses of a normal relationship when it started while he was completely and fully married to another woman. Mary Jane also simply felt ashamed of herself. She knew that she deserved more, even though she was not behaving like it.

What say you about Mary Jane putting Andre out??...Classy or Trashy, since he has already given up so much for her?

Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery

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