Marriott Rewards® has got a Year of Surprises for YOU! #MR30 #MC

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Marriott Rewards®. I received Marriott Points to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. I was so SURPRISED when I received the email that I would be an ambassador for the Marriott Rewards® program! And even more excited that will be sharing 2 more posts with you about the Marriott Rewards® Year of Surprises! 2014 is already turning out to be MY year of surprises!

Marriott Rewards Ambassador Title ClassyBlackGirl Sharelle D. Lowery #mc #mr30 #sponsored
Marriott Rewards Ambassador Title ClassyBlackGirl Sharelle D. Lowery #mc #mr30 #sponsored

Family has always been my special happy place! I have a big family and we are always together celebrating an accomplishment, birthday or a just Sunday dinner together. There is always music and good food. Every year we throw at least one BIG surprise party for at least one family member. I don't even know how we are still surprised anymore! But the celebration in the surprise it what it's all about! The love that it takes to put together this big crazy surprise party and make it happen for your family member, is what makes the surprise so special!

marriott rewards beach #ac #sponsored
marriott rewards beach #ac #sponsored

This year Marriott Rewards® turns 30 years old and wants to surprise you too! In honor of its 30th birthday, Marriott Rewards® is celebrating with its members all year long with a year of surprises! If you are not a member, it's super simple and FREE to join! JOIN NOW!

Marriott Rewards® actually wants to throw a surprise bash for somebody special in your life!...all that you have to do is nominate them. NOMINATE THEM NOW!

The first nomination period ends February 28, 2014 and three (3) winners will be chosen. Two more nomination periods will follow. For the Year of Surprises official rules, go to

About Marriott Rewards®

Marriott Rewards® is free to join.  Members can earn and redeem points for hotel stays, flights, events, shopping, and more. These include 3,700 hotels in 14 distinctive brands in 70+ countries around the world. Visit the Marriott Rewards® Enrollment Page at

I will see you at the Surprise!

Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery