Married to Medicine: Whats Wrong with Toya Harris?

Whats wrong with Toya Harris?

Married to Medicine is like Real Housewives of Atlanta meets Bad Girls Club! Every woman on the show is trying to stake her claim as the baddest bish to stay on the show and eventually climb to the Nene Leaks height of success.

One word of advice, there will never be another Nene Leaks, there just won't. She came with that personality at the right time.

toya bush harris

However Toya Bush-Harris on Married to Medicine is a hot ass mess. Whats wrong with Toya Harris? She started a fight with Mariah Huq, by talking about her daughters paternity, talking about her mother and then threw water on Mariah at a Party. While I would never define Mariah Huq as Classy, she was as composed as one could be expected to be under the circumstances.

married to medicine mariah huq

Toya Harris actually reminds me of those annoying little Flies that fly around when you are at an outdoor restaurant. They buzz, make irritating noise and cause your meal to be less enjoyable because you are spending half of the time shewing them away!!...just like Toya.

Toya butts in on her husbands conversation with his business partners from Nomad MD. Toya discusses HER thoughts. She wanted to know WHEN they were going to open the buisness. Huh? Whats wrong with Toya Harris? If Toya honestly felt like she had something of value to say, the middle of the meeting was NOT the appropriate time. She should have been serving lemonade not her mouth. Her husband truly looked irritated, but he is so mild tempered that he patiently "handled her." Which he should have done, but dayum.


And then...

Toya and her husband go out for lunch where the other people who were supposed to go to lunch with them didnt show up. The young couple have a little bit of time to spend together and enjoy a meal. Toya starts talking about the fight between her and Mariah Huq. She wants an apology. Whats wrong with Toya Harris?

"Im tired of talking about Mariah."

That's what Toya's husband said. Thats a sign. And then Toya starts crying. Her husband has to patiently handle her again. Toya Harris needs a lot of attention. What Toya really needs is a Job. Something to occupy her time, maybe an organization to work with so that she does not have to focus on the lives of other people. And this woman has kids!! Do they NOT have a PTA in Atlanta?

Whats wrong with Toya Harris?

You Tell Me!

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