Married to Medicine is Basically The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Married to Medicine Atlanta seems like a hotbed for Reality Television!!...with #RHOA, Love & Hip Hop and Bad Girls Club Atlanta!!...I mean, if you only watched TV, you would think that in Atlanta all they do is throw drinks and make donkey booty videos!

Enter Married to Medicine

I was excited you know, attractive women of color about their business, married to or living as doctors...Ohhh weeee!!...let me get my Olivia Pope red wine and popcorn honey!!....So I curled up and watched.

Let me Dish on Married to Medicine...

On Mariah Huq


Mariah Hug, Married to Aiden Huq, 100% Obnoxious, Self Proclaimed Queen Bee Let me first say that Mariah Huq has got to be the most arrogant and obnoxious of reality television characters, and I cannot believe that she is ON like that 24/7...and NO she isn't Tamar nor Beyonce, just a horrible caricature of them-sans Classy Mother Tina Knowles. I'm not one to gossip about ones Mother, but I will just say that I am so glad that, Miss Lucy(Mariah's Mother) isn't my mother. She is clearly trying to be the next Frankie, Keyshia Cole's mother-with a better weave. There is no controlling Miss Lucy who reminds me of an Older Quad(we will get to her later)...I actually need Mariah to read her own email, get her own life and realize that she is fabulous but having all of these different accents is confusing me.

Lord get Mariah Huq some modesty.

What I DID love about Mariah Huq, the Self-Proclaimed Queen Bee --I did LOVE how she cut her husband, the non-Black Aiden, to the White Meat when she told him that he better NOT tell her ever, ever, ever again to watch her weight!!...Honey YES!! --Mariahs double paneled pants were the hotness tho... --Doctors on the Dock was FABULOUS!!...wish I could have seen more doctors though!!

Dr. Diva, Professional & 100% Fit and for no Foolishness Pantyhose with Peep-Toe Shoes! Dr. Diva had me cracking up, Clutch the Pearls. I loved her personality, frankly I feel differently abut the women who are doctors versus the ones who are married to them. The doctor chicks lives are seemingly more full and they seem to entertain less mess and tomfoolery! I love the shade that she throws!! when she told her former partner Simone that there is nothing wrong with being a full figured girl!...Loved it!

Quad, Married to Medicine

Quad, Married to Gay Dr. Greg, the Psychiatrist ...dont call him a psychologist...because that would be the end of Quads world. And does Quad know that her man is gay?? And why is her damn name Quad? And who's man sends out a "group text" to tell people that their wedding is off??...they wont be married for long. Reality TV is great for Quad, she needs to work on another career, because I am sure that they have a pre-nup. And her hair on the side...missing...she has got that Naomi Campbell thing going on, I can't. She is actually a basketball wife, we just don't realize it. I mean Quad is TRASH...Love and Hip Hop Atlanta please contact her. I'm sure that she slept with Stevie J...I'm just saying. All of that yelling and ghetto...and what's the proper PR Olivia Pope response to my trifling, gay fiancé called my wedding off via text?

Kari, the White Girl. Married to the Surgeon. Is NOT throwing shade to ghetto a** Quad. She is a mess on her own but she ain't scared of these damn Black Women, she is getting her Kim Zolciak on honey. But what I want to know is...did she think that her lightweight sexy outfit was "strange?"...I mean that sexy fit was cool...but...and did she think that her husband was really going to see a patient on Friday night??...after work? 25 minutes...girl read YOUR email.

Love that she runs her husbands business tho!...thats HOT...and that is why he will keep her, because she is a mess in the face.

The Friend Kari & Toya, Married to Medicine

Toya, wife of Dr. Eugene I actually like her, she speaks her mind, knows her place and brings value. ...and she is cute as a button. We shall see who she becomes as the season unfolds.

I did like when Mariah called Kari 4-Faced though! <<

What I Think About Married to Medicine Honestly, it feels like RHOA, which is nothing but good for me because as this Season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta comes to a close I need some rich, Black chicks to watch!<>...and this is going to be my next fave show....the difference though, these bitches really ARE rich!

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