Love and Hip Hop Atlanta - Erica Dixon Smashes on Shay Buckeey Johnson

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Drama Before the Drama!


So we are in the countdown until that April 22nd date when we will all be live tweeting and popcorning! Yep, its about time for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta to Debut and all the regulars are back and then some!

Shay Buckeey Johnson, Love and Hip Hop

But Stop the presses, even before the show gets started-Lil Scrappy(who IS Fine) is once again in the middle of two Atlanta Peaches! His Baby Mama, Erica Dixon and his "best friend", Shay Buckeey Johnson went at it throwing Paws at each other...According to Media Takeout the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast mates were at an event and upon laying eyes on each other just went for it. What??....who does that? Supposedly the Baby Mama was getting the smack down put on her by Buckeey and then Erica hit Buckeey across the face with something and it was lights out for Buckeey. Bloddy and bruised Shay Buckeey Johnson was rushed to a local Atlanta hospital.

Erica Dixon Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

I am thinking to myself, whats in the Atlanta water? These women cant get new men?...they have to fight over the same 10 men? Live Tweet with Me On Monday Nights! @ClassySharelle

According to RumorFix

When contacted for comment, a member of Erica’s camp told RumorFix, “Ms. Dixon did defend herself as she was provoked but there were no such things as a blade or other materials that you may have heard involved.” Erica also posted a screenshot of MediaTakeoOut’s story on her Instagram page with the caption, “WTH? I don’t need any type of weapon, I got these hands!! #runupgetdoneup #pointblankperiod.”

All this even before the darn show starts!! I cant wait until Lil Scrappy's Mother makes her Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season Debut!!

This is going to be such an awesome season that I have created a whole Category and link on for it!!...I will be tweeting, blogging and making video blogs all season long honey! Join me, Dahling!

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