Love and Hip Hop ATL: The Shame of Shay Johnson

The Shame of Shay Johnson

I watched the final reunion show of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, I thought that it was a bit disappointing and completely shameful. The most signifigant of shames for the night, and there were many, was that of Shay Buckeey Johnson.

Shay Johnson

Let me catch you up to speed if you do not already know who Shay is. Shay Buckeey Johnson is the sometimes side chick of Lil Scrappy. Lil Scrappy is madly in love with Erica Dixon, his daughters Mother.

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shay johnson and lil scrappy

Shay, former cast member of notorious Vh1's reality shows Flavor of Love and Charm School, Shay has been a reality show celeb and an Atlanta famous girl for some time. She has also been Lil Scrappy's good friend. Last season Shay was touted as being in love with Lil Scrappy and sometimes he seemed interested in her as well. Last Seasons Love and Hip Hop Reunion show was popped off for Shay by Lil Scrappy proposing to his daughters Mother, Erica Dixon, on stage and in front of everybody-including Shay. Shay fled the stage, Maury style and cried.

Shay Johnson I felt sooooo bad for her.

I imagined that Shay would have decided to give up on Lil Scrappy. However, for season two Shay still seemed to be hanging around. This season she was well aware of the fact that Lil Scrappy was very serious about his daughters Mother.

Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy

For the Reunion show Shay stepped on the Scene looking pretty in white, but she was NOT wearing the Olivia Pope white hat, or maybe she was.

Lil Scrappy on Shay Johnson and His Mothers Friendship: "I'm not part of that."

Lil Scrappy on Erica Dixon: "That's my Love, I Love Her."

Lil Scrappy on Texting Shae: "Now that's a lie."

Shay Johnson was still angry with Erica, but the real frustration was that Shae was not and will never be respected by Lil Scrappy or acknowledged by him publicly. There is no shame in being lied to. There is only ever Shame is knowing that you are the side chick and that the relationship that you are in will never grow to the place that you desire it to be.

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I was hurting for Shay last season. Many of us have found ourselves in that "side chick" space, but when a man let's you know that you are not the one-but you want to be, you must stop reaching back. Shay's shame is that she was fussing with Erica.

Girl stop.

You can walk away from this bad relationship unscathed. You should actually feel sorry for the main chick who can't leave if she wanted to because they have a child together.

Before the show ended, Erica and Lil Scrappy had to leave because they had a family emergency. Hmmm....they are family-girl walk away.

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