Live From Germany: Grammy Award Winning Kid Chocolate | November 9th Show in CALI!!

I had the pleasure to interview musician extraordinaire trumpeter, Mr. Kid Chocolate this week as he was in Germany promoting and performing his amazing music! We discussed his life and the excitement and buzz around his ONE NIGHT ONLY Multi-Sensory show this Friday, November 9th at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, CA.

Kid Chocolate, is one of the most riveting Grammy Award winning Jazz Musicians in the world.  Hailing from the Crescent City he learned his craft from some of the most well renowned artists to ever touch an intrument.
Through the past 10 years Kid Chocolate, who's real name is Leon Brown, has experienced some major disasters that have caused real authenticity to bellow from his lungs and trumpet!  Katrina in 2005, Bells Palsy in 2007, but THIS creative genius has arisen and in the time that he could not play the trumpet, he developed his angelic voice!
Kid said, "There is a Source that comes from the culture of the people that have been there for 200+ years.  It just has not changed."

Some of Kid Chocolate's favorite artists include Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Donnie Haaway, R. Kelly, Aretha Franklin and Jaheim.  He is inspired by many artists, from different genres and generations.

When Kid Chocolate was asked, what inspires you?

He answered, "I am inspired by Love and Truth and I presents his music with those characteristics and a sense of purity!"


If you could design the next 15-20 years of your life, what would they be like?
"I plan to spend the next 15-20 years helping other people fufill thier dreams, goals and purpose on this Earth.  This is what was also done for me!"


Because of your outstanding talent, you were invited to tour the world at 15, what did you take from that experience?

"I attended a magnet school that I had to test into and work hard to stay there and all of the students there were extraordinary and I felt my 'plain-ness' until I really discovered my gift, talent and purpose.  It was life changing."

Who would you like to Jam With?

"Lenny Kravitz, I recorded with him, but I became ill in 2007 and I was not able to travel with him, and I would like a re-do to Jam with him!"

Interviewing Kidd Jazz was like taking a step back in time, I could hear the rythm in his voice as well as how excited he has been about the upcoming event on November 9th!!

Friday November 9th goods and details:
Kid Chocolate Jazz | Clarksburg Wine Festival | Spice life New Orleans Catering
These three talents will collectively present a multi-sensory event for enjoyers of LIFE to experience New Orleans Culture.  While listening to a 6 piece band, Spice Life Catering Will be providing healthy New Orleans food that will make your mouth water and the Clarksburg Wine company will be the glue that pulls everything together with several different types of wine!

Kid's favorite wine is a new Red Blend called Reminice.

I asked Kid, what will be on the menu?
"I typically stay OUT of the kitchen!  Preparing amazing food is just ONE of my wife's God-given talents, I just like to eat it.  But I do believe that there have been rumors of Seafood!"

I got a Sneak Peak and it looks Marvelous!!...Check it Out HERE!!

What should We Expect from this Event?
"Expect NOT to be a spectator!  You will be participating and learning more about the food, culture and people of New Orleans!!"
What do you have coming up beyond The Clarksburg Wine event?
"I have been working on the HBO series, Treme, they just used one of my songs, but I was not able to see the show because I am touring in Germany! 

Writing music now for a new recording!...wanting to do something that I have not done in a long time!"

This Do Not Miss Event Will Be held on Friday, November 9th in Clarksbug, CA-not too far from Sacramento, CA!

You can also find out more about Kid Chocolate:

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See Yall there!!!