Is Lil Scrappy Like Baby Boy?

Lil Scrappy and Momma D are the New Baby Boy

Lil Scrappy Momma Dee

I have to admit I am very uncomfortable with Lil Scrappy's Daddy Mama, Mama Dee, and his her non blending weave.  The way that she deals with her son reminds me of how Jody acted with his Mama.  He cant move until she says move.


While Mama Dee's hair is very strange and needs to be replaced, I need Mama Dee to stop acting like she has an unnatural relationship with her son. Okay, the way that she talks about how fine Buckeey is also makes me a bit uncomfortable, I'm not going to lie. But back to this Baby Boy thing that Mama Dee has going on with Lil Scrappy.

I believe that Mama Dee likes Buckeey for Lil Scrappy because she can control and manipulate her dumb ass. Pulling up to the curb in that raggedy cadillac. *side-eye* The fact that she invited Buckeey to the studio and her son is engaged is so dirty.

It's bad enough that Mama Dee has this imaginary kingdom that she presides over(She is the King Queen).  Mama Dee insists on dragging her son and this poor girl Buckeey into her madness. Mama Dee is filling Buckeey's head with ideas that she might still have an option to be with Lil Scrappy. Lil Scrappy needs to let his Mama Dee know whats up and that she needs her own-"partner."

"Men and Women in Our Lives will come and Go?" <<<<----WHUT, Mama Dee?  He is marrying his childs mother.  They are flesh in blood for LIFE.

momma dee mad

The reason that Mama Dee cant stand Erica is because just like her, Erica aint takin no mess! And they both kinda have that slightly mannish jaw, which is probably why Erica put the smack down on Buckeey outside of the Club.  And maybe Lil Scrappy wanted a woman like his Mama-scary!

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Lil Scrappy can tell the camera that his Mama is overstepping her boundaries, but when they sit down-he aint talking.

The only one really getting hurt in Mama Dee's manipulation is Buckeey. Shae Buckeey Johnson can't move on because she has an unrealistic relationship with her old jump-off's Mama. #WhereTheyDoThatAt

Erica Dixon aint bowing down Daddy Dee, so get some good Indian Hair, get a life and tell Buckeey to focus on getting her own man. Even if Lil Scrappy DID decided that he wanted her, after all of this-would Buckeey really want him back?

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