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Travel has always had a sweet spot in my heart and after I came back from London I decided that I really wanted to embark on Travel as a Lifestyle!!...and that I wanted to enable other people to do it as well. See some articles and photo's from my London 2013 Trip!

I remembered using an online travel service, who I shall not name, and I got a cheap ticket! I was hyped. I packed and got myself to the airport. Well my flight was delayed and delayed and delayed. I had nobody to contact and although I was angry and a lot of the staff of said airline apologized, I was up a creek! I mean I missed half of the day for my business conference-and I was NOT flying standby okay. I kept remembering when I had booked a Disneyland trip for my family in 2000 and how seamless everything was. We had one hiccup, I called the travel agent and she fixed my fifteen minutes of confusion. I longed for that help at that moment in the airport.

It made me think...maybe other people were having this same problem. And who did I talk to if I wanted to take a cruise? Who would know that I was comfortable with?

So I did some research and decided to become a certified travel agent! I originally just wanted to facilitate trips for members of Classy, Black Girl but also for anybody else who has been looking for a getaway!!...especially myself.

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Travel should be relaxing, fun and affordable!...and oh yes, ClassyBliss! Check out my first travel blog post at <<<

While I totally get snagging cheap tickets online for your trip to Vegas but when you want "an experience" want more than a website. You can call me up and I will answer.

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I am here at your service and I am encouraging you to give me a chance to earn your business.

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So this is part PSA, part shameless advertising! Your ClassyBlackGirl is already scheduling travel...especially cruises! There will be lots more travel posts, and I hope that you like them! And whenever you think of your own travel plans, before you schedule them...I encourage you to let me service you!

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Classily Yours...all over the world! Sharelle D. Lowery