Lamar Odom's Drivers License Suspended - Arrested!

Lamar Odom In DUI Trouble

Lamar Odom cannot stay out of trouble or the news these days, and it is not because of his wife Khloe Kardashian and her media friendly family.


Lamar Odom has been arrested and will have his drivers license suspended for one year after being under suspicion of a DUI. Oh Lamar...I am Clutching the Pearls for you. I know that drug use runs in your family-we all saw your father on Keeping up with Kim and Them...and you just recently went from missing to just "on drugs" but I do hope that you get into a Rehab facility soon. Supposedly Lamar was never missing he was just in a hotel with Friends(whatever that means) and "his wife" knew exactly where he was. *side-eye*

Lamar Odom Arrested Kardashian

As I remember just 2 days ago he was EXTRA missing!...are those White Lips?

Lamar Odom Arrested Kardashian Truck

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Lamar Odom is 33 years old (didn't you think that he was older tho?) and has played for a myriad of teams most recently the Los Angeles Clippers was arrested early this morning after a highway patrol officer saw him driving erratically on highway 101 in the San Fernando Valley.

Lamar Odom Arrested

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The year long suspension comes because he refused to take a sobriety test. I guess he was feeling very Kardashian and like the law didn't pertain to him. Even Kanye knows better than that.

I wonder if he was on drugs before Khloe married him? She seems so level headed and what type of drugs could he be taking, hopefully not something as sad as Crack or Meth.

We will be watching and keeping you updated on Lamar and his status, we fell in love with him on Keeping up with Kim and Them...we would hate to see you succumb to drugs Lamar!

Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery Blogger and Shhhh Talker!