K.Michelle Receives Award from Her Hometown of Memphis!

K.Michelle Receives Award

It was refreshing to read some good news about the sassy, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member, K.Michelle this weekend! On Friday, August 16th, R&B songstress K.Michelle was presented with the Mayor’s “Ambassador Award” by Mayor AC Wharton at the Memphis City Hall.

K. Michelle Receives Mayor Award

"This is an honor. I absolutely love my city," K.Michelle said to a small crowd of press, family, and close friends. "I want to thank everyone. It’s been a struggle and a fight, but I’m just getting started in this business. You have to fight if you want to be a musician. If this is what you want to do, you can never give up on it."

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"It gives me so much pleasure today to honor one of our own. I proudly give her the Ambassador Award...I say ambassador because this is someone who was raised up here, so she found out what this great city was about,” said Wharton.  “She is the Memphis story. Not only is she keeping that story to herself, everywhere she goes she tells the Memphis story; personifies the Memphis story."

The Memphis native has been known for breaking boundaries her entire life and her music is proof of that. With a classic, mature sound in the vein of favorite singers like Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige, K.Michelle’s “Rebellious Soul” is receiving rave reviews from critics. The lead single, “V.S.O.P.” is currently in the top 10 on R&B radio charts and climbing.

Keeping in the spirit of the album’s title, K.Michelle chose to use the release of this album to impact the lives of the fans that have been drawn to her because of her openness with her own story of survival. Her Rebel Against campaign has taken her to local women’s shelters across the country, in partnership with Saving Our Daughters, to empower her fans to rebel against adversities they have faced such as domestic violence and sexual abuse.

While K.Michelle clearly has a rebellious soul, it is good to see her using reality television as a springboard for success in her other avenues of greatness!

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