Keeping you Safe in a Buick Lacrosse with Forward Collision Warning!

This excellent content was sponsored by GM so that you might be a little bit more safe!

When I was in the fourth grade my family and I were in a terrible head on collision with an elderly driver who failed to see our huge family van, the accident resulted in a death.  If there had been Forward Collision Warning Systems in the eighties it would have prevented personal and emotional scars that still affect our family to this day.

Forward Collision Warning is a safety feature in the collision-avoidance technology family that helps those of us who seem a little accident prone.

Here are a few scenario's when forward collision warning systems can be very helpful:

  • When reaching forward to switch to your favorite song on the radio
  • When reaching backwards to check on the baby in the car seat behind you
  • When something drops on you such as coffee 
  • Falling asleep after studying all night long

Each of these scenario's create distracted driving which means that you are taking your eyes off of the road, even just mere seconds can be detrimental.   These distractions can cause you to be the reason that you are involved in a forward collision.  Sometimes it's NOT your fault, and you become the victim due to other drivers breaking suddenly and then SMASH! are in a collision.

Luckily the LaCrosse by Buick  provides an awesome set of safety features that make this beautiful car not only the talk of the town because of its awesome style but also because of its safety features that provide its riders and drivers with maximum security.

There are also other safety features that the 2015 Buick Lacrosse has as well!

These safety features include lane departure warnings which help you stay in your lane when you might have a little trouble on a rough or rocky road this is also helpful in the rain when your car can be a bit difficult to control.  Side Blind Zone Alert uses a radar to help you detect vehicles in your blind spots.  We have all attempted to get over into the next lane only to be honked at...well thank goodness for the honk!  However the Side Blind Zone alert keeps your blind spots, not so blind!  You alerted by the Buck LaCrosse with audio and visual warnings!  

All of these amazing features are available in the 2015 Buick Lacrosse.