Keeping the Connection with Walmart #FamilyMobile

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My Sister, Sharne, is a happy Walmart Family Mobile customer through and through!  She has been using the service for quite a while and in fact, she has been using it quite a bit....what I mean is that I can't get my sister off of the phone!...and honestly I am happy about it.  She loves the unlimited talk, text and data/web! 

A few weeks ago I shared that my little sister was really excited to get her new Walmart #FamilyMobile phone! See the story here!

Now Little Sis is Trouble on the Phone!

However, she was just becoming accustomed to using the phone to text, talk to my Mom and surf the web. Now that she has had it for a while she (like most Millenial's) she is a whiz with the phone...and she is on it ALL of the time.  Don't tell her this, but sometimes I have to dismiss the girls calls!

She calls her husband at work,


She calls our other sister at home,

She calls my Auntie Gail no matter where she is,

She calls Mommie, "Mommie, I need some money,"

She talks on it a lot and I asked her how can she stay on the phone so much?  She said, "Sissy, it's light! Its like Im not even holding it!" I secretly thinks that she has a phone clip.  

"The screen is really vivid!"

This explains her ability to watch YouTube video's for hours and she said that it has a REALLY extended battery life.  She even watched ALL of season 5 of Baywatch on YouTube without a recharge!...All the while taking calls and messages and when the call or text message is done, her video pops right up in the same place! 

My little Sister still talks to my Mother on the phone more than anybody else, but now my Mom never has to worry about her being alone or unconnected!!...and she can figure out what her husband wants for dinner before he gets home!

Now she is ready to expand her phone by getting an SD card so that she can take more photos with her friends and other family!

...and she is looking for a surprise phone for her husband to celebrate their anniversary!...because Walmart has the lowest priced unlimited plans.

How do you keep up with your family?

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