#KanyeJobTitles rant goes crazy on Twitter!


Sometimes Black Twitter just tickles me pink!...this time Kanye West was the victim.

#kanyejobtitles ClassyBlackGirl KanyeWest Kobe Bryant mscaramelchelle Of course your boy Kanye West is at it again, he leaves no room for naybody else to love him because this man is INTO himself...and of course Kim's a**.

The Tupac of Product Design

Anywho, the man said that he is the "Tupac of product design." <<<Yeah, thats what Kanye West said. I would only consider myself a moderatly creative person, but that flew so far over my head that I wondered if he had taken his meds.

So Jamilah Lemieux started an online LMAO RIOT on twitter and hashtag #KanyeJobTitles was born and had me in tears for several hours this week. I have to say on Thanksgiving this was good and perfect reading! Here are my favorite #KanyeJobTitle tweets! And yes I am quite thankful for this tomfoolery, I hope that you enjoy it as well!

Of course I got into it a bit... Make sure that you are following me too!!


I hollered... I could only include so many, but if you would like to see the full twitter stream, feel free to check it out here!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Sharelle D. Lowery Twitter | Instagram