K. Michelle Full Frontal: Classy or Trashy?

Full Frontal Tho?

Well ya VSOP Girl K. Michelle was performing at The Shrine in Chicago and she was wearing a very sexy outfit and apparently there was some vah-jay-jay showing. Her whole FIT was basically a stocking-allegedly.

K. Michelle Frontal Really

A few weeks ago I wrote a post Is it Classy to Go Commando? And a LOT of people had a lot to say about a woman wearing no undergarments. But what if we wear no underware at all...AND show that thang off like a trophy? Like you can possibly SEE our full labia?

K. Michelle says that in fact it was photoshopped and that I guess we should get our lives, ooopppsss that is what Tamar would have said.

Her actual tweet was:

"Y'all tweeting about a photo shopped picture of my hot pocket. U broke bums should ask somebody to photo shop your pockets 2make them fatter"

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Here are professional and UNPhotoshooped pics of the Love and Hip Hop Star.

K. Michelle Better

K. Michelle

Hmm...well I had to dig a little deeper and located a video.

Here is the LIVE K. Michelle Video...

Was this "Video Shopped?" Honey I see a snatch. Now that photo might have been taken at THE WRONG angle, but she went commando and it was a FULL FRONTAL Camel Toe.

Do you think that she was photoshopped to outline her frontal piece or did she really have a wardrobe malfunction and showed her priviate parts in a very public way?

Im going to be honest, even if somebody DID photoshop her, I am pretty darn disgusted that she decided to even wear an outfit like this and go on stage.

K. Michelle is talented, beautiful and sexy all on her own without showing her coochie cut to the world. She is not a stripper, does not need the money for school and she is supposed to be working on upgrading her image(although I cant see how with that Ronald McDonald red hair she has been wearing lately). If you have all of these things going for you and IN your favor, why would you in turn decide that wearing clothes that take the focus from your voice is a classy or smart idea?

The Real Tea

Sista's need to be real with themselves, we are NOT Kim Kardashian. We do not get hoe cards to play. Look at Sista's who have played the hoe card in the past: Lil Kim. Look at Madonna. Hoe versus hero. Please choose to be a hero and cover your snatch up Dammit!