Joseline Hernandez "Side Chick is the New Wife!" #LAHHATL

Joseline Hernandez "Side Chick is the New Wife?

So I generally do not cover reality TV, but I do allow myself ONE cheat day! Turn Up Tuesday!...for my very favorite show, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta!...the Ultimate in The Televised Turn Up!

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J

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Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez and the gang are at it again! While no blows where thrown this week (although Kirk did want to Smash on Rasheeda's Mama), Joseline Hernandez the former prostitute, stripper and Side Chick is elevating herself to Wife. Whut!!...I mean if Alicia Keyes can do it, and Gabrielle Union can become Miss Mary Jane...why cant Joseline be Joseline J?

And you know what, I cant fault Joseline. I have been very outspoken about how I feel about the proverbial side chick but Joseline seems to really have grabbed Stevie J's "heart" or whatever you want to call it that he has-and she has more than his famous beefcake on lock, she got the man. It seems like the times have changed and that men have different ideals of what they want in a wife. I was always taught that the lady always wins, but these slores are WINNING!!!...well Buckey Didn't.

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Joseline Hernandez

Stevie J was comforting Joseline Hernandez, told her that he loved her and asked if he could hold her-publicly. This is NOT the traditional side chick. I mean he was pumping her up during her "non-singing" pornographic music video...y'all were watching.

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Next week is going to be absolutely mad, with Stevie J asking Joseline to marry him but Why was Mimi there?? Is he going to try and have a ManajaWedding?

is mimi still with stevie j

Stevie J never ceases to amaze me in his dysfunctional pimp-relationships. But I will be watching! Tell me what YOU think about the New Side Chicks!..and can they really be upgraded when dating a real man? What Say You?

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