Fashion: I Heart Jockey Panties! "Moves with You"

"Moves with You" - Moved Me!

Jockey Panties Moves with You

Panties are the closest thing to your body, so they must be done right.

Jockey panties "Moves with You" line has done them soooo right. We have all worm panties that ride up, roll down or just give you an old fashioned "taco." Oh you know what a taco is, when your panties actually go inbetween those great glutes of yours. *smh* All of those factors can ruin a great outfit, hike and a great day. I am a curvalicious girl, so I have a little extra hips and thighs and my stomach isn't flat. Sometimes I look cute in my panties, most times I don't. Especially the comfortable granny panties that I embarrassingly wear sometimes-especially when I workout.

But these Jockey panties from the "Moves with You" line are giving me life! I do not even know how I can go back to my other panties-okay I probably won't.

I look uber pretty in my panties and I was tempted to take a jog in the "Hipster" panties-in public. I found myself gazing at how well the panties held me in and at the same time hugged my juicy curves. And they come in such cute colors!

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Another thing that I love about these panties is that they FEEL so darn good against my skin, I have never worn panties with a jersey-cotton-spandex mix and going back to basic cotton just will not do! Especially with that horrible waist band.

I wore a pair of yoga pants with my Moves with You, Jockey panties and there were absolutely NO panty lines, and there were no buckles or rolls in the thigh crevice or at the top near my belly button. It made my workout so much easier and there was no "taco" action or embarrassing rolls. And they gave my glutes a little "booty lift!"

They are only $11 bucks per pair! Find out more about the "Moves with You" line of Jockey panties by visiting Jockey Online!

Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery Style and Wine Correspondent


I received a set of "Moves with You" Jockey panties, however all thoughts are my own!