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Jason Francis, from Blue Flame Bvd, joins Classy Black Girl as a Contributing Blogger and Content Provider! Jason Francis, ClassyBlackGirl.com | New Contributing Blogger

ClassyBlackGirl.com has been growing by leaps and bounds since its inception in July 2011! We have morphed, changed and are still providing quality lifestyle content for people all over the world! The amount of men that have been reading our blog is astronomical! I am entertained and continue to be impressed that men find my anecdotes on dating and lifestyle informative! So I decided to muster up the courage to invite a good friend and colleague of mine to join me as a guest blogger on ClassyBlackGirl.com! ...after all I want to continue to give the gentlemen more of what they want! I was elated when Jason Francis said yes!

Let's Chat Mr. Jason Francis up a little bit!

Jason Francis, Bio:

Jason Francis, has been blogging for over 10 years. As an early adopter of blogging, Jason's Blog, Blu Flame Blvd, has well over 4000 posts ranging from topics such as the male lifestyle, relationships, comics, sports and media ! Blu Flame Blvd is highly popular and was his seguey from MySpace.

Jason has contributed to other Award Winning power-blogs such as HipHopDemocrat.com and has appeared on the critically acclaimed Podcast The Dr. Vibe Show! Whenever Jason lends his voice or pen the stats go through the roof!

This very modest and laid back bio fails to mention that Jason Francis is one of the most Retweeted Bloggers in the Twitter Verse...Check out One of His Uber Tweets!

We are excited that Mr. Jason Francis will be blogging about "manly things" and sharing his opinions with me on Written Blogs, Podcasts and Google Hangouts! You will be seeing a lot of him and I hope that you like it!!...Tell me what you think!!

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Classily Yours!