Is Mariah Huq A Good Mother?

Is Mariah Huq a Good Mother?

The Huqs, Mariah Huq,

On this weeks episode of Married to Medicine we got a see a very maternal side of Mariah Huq. Dr. Aydin Huq, her husband, arrived home with their two children, Lauren and Ethan. Mariah was cooking for real and in real pots(Good Ones too!)

The two beautiful Huq children, Lauren and Ethan, discussed their day at school. I was impressed watching Mariah Huq looking and acting like a regular mother and wife. On Reality Television so many women work to have the semblance of being so wealthy that they don't cook or do any form of housework.

Side Note: Personally, I would never have another person regularly cooking for my husband, I don't care HOW rich I am. Im all about that ManTrap. Another woman cooking for him is almost like another woman putting the OTHER ManTrap on him...

Huqs Fam

Ethan Huq had been misbehaving in school and Mariah began to chastise him in a sweet but very firm manner. I appreciate that Mariah's discipline did not involve any threats, profanity or unnecessary physical punishment.

Mariah admitted to being the disciplinarian of the couple.

And it was funny when spanking was mentioned Mariah was like, "Whut? We don't spank." In case CPS was watching. I KNOW Mariah gets with her kids!

I could also see that Mariah and Aydin have a good relationship with each other. They talk as friends and I loved that Aydin listened. It was dramatically different than the way that Toya and her husband interacted with each other, when Toya fussed about Mariah with him.

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I do not know Mariah Huq but I am willing to say that I believe that Mariah Huq is a good Mother and wife. Gold Star for Mariah!

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