Is it ok to be the Rebound?

Rebound Originally Posted on Relationships are interesting...and the way that they end is never really what I would consider "clean." They always leave a little residue and hopefully it is just as a lesson or maybe a new sex trick to impress your next lover. [highlight]However, when was the last time that one relationship fully ended before you picked up another?[/highlight] When a relationship is basically over, you can feel it, and sometimes you will conveniently meet someone who make it a bit easier to give that person who no longer gives you butterflies the official boot or the friendly fade. Is this the overlap or the rebound?...and are either of them wrong? I am all for "taking a dating break" when you are in one of those BAD relationships that takes you out of the game but I am completely with getting over a guy by getting underneath a new one. Not literally, but figuratively. There is no need in letting any grass grow under your feet after a relationship no longer works-move on. Like My Relationship Advice So Far??...Read More! CLICK HERE!  

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