Is Beyoncé Pregnant Again? {MET GALA PHOTOS}

Is Beyoncé Pregnant Again? If you are a fan of Beyoncé, like I am, I bet you are loving all of these photos of Queen Bey, Jigga and Blue Ivy. I simply cannot get enough of the Bad Ass Beyonce! Most of us are wondering under hushed voices is Beyoncé Pregnant Again? The good folks gossip is that Beyoncé is pregnant again and is excited to expand her already fabulous family!

On Good Morning America Beyoncé recently shared that she wanted more children! Beyoncé also opened up that she feels that Blue Ivy could be a bit lonely,

"I think my daughter needs some company,"

Beyoncé Pregnant at the MET

Beyoncé is a famous "big sister" and she said that, "I love being a Big Sister!"

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Supposedly Beyoncé is Pregnant and was waiting on her H & M photo shoot to work on Blue Ivy's new sibling.

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Beyoncé is supposedly 2 months pregnant already!!...and will be announcing the pregnancy at the BET Awards on June 30th....We shall see!!... Beyoncé and Jay-Z are such a Hip Hop Couple.

Beyoncé Pregnant

According to, "The insider who shared that Beyonce is two months pregnanat said that Beyonce is NOT using outside photographers so that she can hide her pregnancy until she is out the first tri-mester. There are no Beyonce Preganant photos allowed yet! But that is what a good classy woman does, waits until the first trimester, and then its all about the baby bump-but NOT Kardashian Style.

At the Met gala this past week Beyonce rocked a printed Givenchy gown that showed a slightly thicker Beyonce. Hips were showing and ta-ta's were poppin! There was a mini baby bump showing.

Tell us what you think about Beyonce having another baby and what should she name the next baby?

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