Why Would My Husband Unfriend Me on Facebook? #AskJason

Why Would My Husband Unfriend Me on Facebook?


I was recently presented with an interesting question. One of the Classy Black Girl readers wanted to know why her husband would unfriend her on Facebook. I had to take a moment to process this. It’s actually much more complex than it initially sounds. This could range from being a simple non-issue to being a true problem. With the limited details I have let me give you the best possible explanation for this act from both the positive and negative view points.

Let’s look at the negative possibilities first because realistically that is most likely what is running through your head.

Why would a man unfriend his wife on Facebook? That could be a means to filter you out of his communications and interactions with other people. Generally speaking the presence of a wife on your social network shuts down a lot of the outside chatter you’re going to have with those of the opposite sex. If this man’s motives are not in the right place then this is either a means to engage with new people going forward or to hide something that may have been already happening.

Then we have the positive side of the coin. Depending upon the type of online interactions you have this may be a means of keeping people out of your business. Also, I’m assuming you live with your husband. You wake up together, go about your business and end the day together. There’s nothing wrong with allowing a degree of space between you. Marriage doesn’t make you Siamese twins. I personally keep my love off the Internets so I get this type of view-point.

In the end, the unfriending clearly has a motive behind it. Discovering if it’s sinister or protective is on you to find out by discussing it with your partner. Clearly you were friends on FB prior so ask what your husband’s view of Facebook is now that you are married. Stop and think on his activity and behavior during the course of your relationship. Has he given you reason to be suspicious of him or has he always been a private person? There’s definitely reason to check the status of things. I want to believe that if you guys are married that your relationship is in a good place. Remember, social media doesn’t end relationships. Social media simply magnifies what is already there.

Jason Francis | The Social Media Samurai