Holiday Toasts...What's Classy?

So you are invited to a party and asked to give a toast!....Ohhhh Congrats to you it is an honor!...Here are a few quick tips that will keep you “in the class.”

  • -If you are making the toast remember NOT to go before the host! is courtesy to give them the first toast!
  • -Always stand up and be confident!
  • -Keep your toast, poignant and short!
  • -Be authentic.
  • -Prepare if you get nervous speaking publicly.
  • -Do NOT gulp the drink down when the toast is over, a nice sip is tasteful.
  • -Be OVERLY appropriate, someone’s young spouse or a clergy member may be in attendance and you would embarrass the host, never use profanity.
  • -Speak loud enough for everybody to hear (low talking toasts are no bueno).
  • -Make eye contact with all guests and smile genuinely!
  • -Do not make a toast if you are under the influence-OF ANYTHING!
  • -Ending a toast with cheers is an understood completion of the toast, so if you DO get too far off to the left just raise your glass and say cheers!


Classily Yours,

Sharelle D. Lowery

“The Last Word in Class.”