Hello Cupid Webseries Ultra Drama!!

Hello Cupid Webseries Season Finale

Hello Cupid Webseries

I have been watching, waiting and enjoying the JUICE of the Hello Cupid Webseries! Now the season is over and I am so sad, its like when a good book is over and although you wanted to rush to the end...OMG...Whitney and Robin are my faves! The Hello Cupid Drama!!

These two natural haired cutie pies, best friends and roomates are dating in So Cal and using the internet to prove their own individual points and perspectives! The Website HelloCupid.com gets the two girls in a precarious pickle and they are both accidentally dating the same hot guy! Cassius, affectionately known as "Proud Dad."

Hello Cupid Webseries

...his poor cousin, Austin ends up a heartbreak casualty as he likes Robin, I mean Whitney...I mean...even I am getting confused!!

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Im not going to ruin it for you guys but when the TRUTH comes out, the proverbial ISH hits the FAN! The writers of the Hello Cupid Webseries have bucked the trend of traditional roles for Black Men and Black Women! I love how we are represented! There was no booty shaking, no b*tch or no hoe name calling and no gangstas sagging. Black Love was in the air and when you watch you get so engrossed you easily forget that you are not sitting in the living room having a drink with Robin and Whitney!

Hello Cupid Bed

The Multi-Dimensionalism of each character does not fail to amaze me and take my stomach through Black Love twists and turns!

You cant help but just want Whitney to finally get what she wants, but when she gets close after a night of twister and drinks...the real drama happens! Season Two is a MUST DO!

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