Hello Cupid! | ClassySharelle Chats with Ashley Blaine Featherson

Have you ever dated online?Have you ever felt like your skin tone, natural hair or lack of skankiness made your online profile less appealing?

Ashley Blaine Featherson | Triple Threat!

Dating while Black and Female in America tends to be a wild, perilous and rejection-laden experience.

Ask Ashley Blaine Featherson, Howard Alum and D.C. Native, and certified gorgeous-girl, has produced, created and written a fabulous new Online Show, "Hello Cupid!"...in a comedic and inspirational way she is quickly dispelling what it means to be a BlackGirl and that we are not all cut out of the same MOLD! Take a listen and look at her new show and tell me what you think!!

Make Sure that You Watch the New Show Too!!

To Find Out More & Watch Visit Black & Sexy TV on YouTube Twitter: @AshleyBlaine Website: AshleyBlaineFeatherson.com Instagram: Whitney_Robyn

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