Hello Cupid!

So ClassyBlackGirl.com interviewed Ashley Blaine a few months ago about the new web-series "Hello Cupid." Hello Cupid ClassyBlackGirl

Hello Cupid is a show about two attractive 20-somethings dating in Los Angeles among all of the skin color and sexual issues that women of color deal with.

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Robyn is the gorgeous Kelly Rowland look alike with big natural hair and a conservative Afrocentric spirit. To save her life she cant get a date on the dating side, Hello Cupid.

Hello Cupid Whitney ClassyBlackGirl

Her best friend and roomate, Whitney is the adorable, light-bright with a bubbly personality and a penchant for lightweight sluttiness...but in a normal girl way!

Hello Cupid Robyn ClassyBlackGirl Two beautiful, polar oppisites. Robyn replaces her brown picture with Whitney's light skinned girl picture and the next day magically men have expressed interest in her online profile.

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Whitney swears that its because of Robyn's light bright skin and Robyn says that its because Whitey delivers no sex appeal! Whatever the reason the ladies get caught in the cross hairs of life when a gentleman shows interest in Whitey's online profile but Robyn's photograph. They even start dating and Robyn starts falling in love with her online love while he dates her best friend!

I am excited about the last two episodes of this show because it honestly reminds me of something that my best friend and I would get into. Its LaVerne and Shirley meets two black girls and an internet dating site! However, my heart dies for both girls who are falling in love with Proud Dad, the online love.

Hello Cupid Proud Dad ClassyBlackGirl

I love that both girls are equally beautiful and have natural hair! It is so beautiful and makes me smile because I realize that the Natural Hair Tide is soooo changing!!

Hello Cupid Girls

I know that Hello Cupid has no choice but to play out in an exciting way! This is the best web-series that I have seen in years!...the editing is superb and the acting is so REAL! Tell me what you think about Robyn and Whitney!!....are you #TeamWhitney or #TeamRobyn??

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Classily Yours, Sharelle