A Classy Way to Bring Haiti Home for the Holidays!

I am a member of the Everywhere Society and they provided me with this product for review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.



To see other people succeed, especially when they have experienced hardships that touch your heart is part of our human nature.  One of the most outstanding ways to help another person experience independence is to support the natural product that they create.  The Heart of Haiti is one of the most beautiful programs that a large retailer could give to a country or a people.  


Macy's features nearly 60 handmade products from Haitian artisans.  When we purchase these beautiful products, with what we would consider a few dollars we are helping to feed, clothe and employ women and their families by creating a financial circle of help.  

I was fortunate enough to receive a unique, heart shaped Christmas Tree ornament that my entire family loved and allowed me to put it on our tree as the first ornament of 2014.  We actually talked about the Heart of Haiti project and my family agreed that purchasing such beautiful and meaningful ornaments should become a classy, family tradition.

The ornament that I received sold out but there are other products that you can see featured on the site for the holiday season and beyond.

We will purchase gifts and stocking stuffers throughout the entire season, however it is important that we remain grateful in this season of giving and  bless others as we live our privileged lives.  Macy's went to Haiti in 2010 shortly after the devastating earthquake that occurred in the already impoverished country.  While the people of Haiti may have experienced difficult times in finances, they have remained full of culture, beauty and positive spirits. 

I encourage you to out stretch your hands and support the Heart of Haiti by ordering a beautiful piece of their metalwork online at the Macy's site!

How do you help those in our world's community?