Hall Wines Debuts a Delish New Cabernet! (PICTURES)

A few weeks ago Kathryn Hall of Hall Wines hosted a wine release party at her beautiful winery!  It was hot and fabulous!  My Sorority Sister Nicki and I took a little ride to Wine Country to try Kathryn's new wine out and celebrate this awesome accomplishment!  Join me as I tell our FABULOUS story in pictures!

We arrived and were greeted with a beautiful Welcome Reception.  We were so excited to hit the grounds, take a tour and of course taste some of that amazing new 2011 Cabernet.

The grounds were beautiful!  This was the view before it started buzzing!

The People

This is Kathryn Hall herself.  Completely friendly, classy and beautiful.  She was enjoying her own wine and who could blame her?

Nickie and I had a complete blast and were responsible for getting some of the party started!

The Food

Under the Mister

It was like 90 plus degrees so we had to spend a few fabulous moments under the mister!  This is where all of the cool wine connoisseurs were!

The Wine

The wine was absolutely delicious and as far as Cabernet's go it danced all over our palates and definitely created a delicious celebration in our mouths!  This 2011 Cab was sweet, strong and a deep berry red. It paired so well with everything that we tasted that day but I would personally love to have it at home with smoked tri-tip!


Partying at @hallwines with @nickiemua at #kathrynhall wine release party! #wine #fun #dst #sorors #xichi

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The Winery & Art

The Bocce Ball

We had a blast learning how to play Bocce ball and there will be a post soon after where we learn the basic rules of Bocce ball! I also met some handsome gents!


Me and @nickiemua Playing Bocce Ball with Beautiful people @HallWines during the #KathrynHall wine release party!

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The people, the wine and the event were all equally classy.  We met some amazing new people and cannot wait until we visit Kathryn Hall winery again!  It is the perfect beautiful place to go for a romantic event or to chill with good friends!  We ended our evening at Mustards!  

Thank you Kathryn Hall for a Cabernet made in heaven!

To get YOUR own shipment of this bottle be sure and visit Hall Winery online!