Got Hatiquette?

Hey my Classy Girls!!...It is ALWAYS time for a hat, but the summertime is a popular time to wear hats to keep your lovely faces “sun-free.” Since that is the case I want to make sure that you know what is fabulous and what is just a frumpy mess when wearing head coverings. Here are 10 quick tips to insure that you have a mean hat game!

• First of all weather you are a man or woman you should never wear your baseball cap indoors. It is a casual sort of hat and not to be worn inside. • Men should never wear their hats inside, especially in the presence of a lady. • Men should never wear their hats in church. The only exceptions are if it’s a religion where hats are required by men or if they are in the service. Even still service men may remove their hats in church. • When the National Anthem is being sung, men should remove their hats. I also believe that this should happen whenever ANY anthem is being sung. • During any prayer, ceremony, graduation-men should remove their hats. • Ladies, if you are wearing a big hat, be as civil as possible. If you are blocking somebody’s view and they cannot move you may want to remove your hat-I mean you may…Im going to be honest-I more than likely would not-it’s like removing my shoes. • When you are in a restaurant, men should remove their hats of course but a big floppy hat should be removed when having a meal with other people. It is difficult sometimes to see under and does not make for an engaging eating experience. • When you are in the theatre or the movies…please have the decency to remove your hat. • Make sure that your hat complements your outfit. It should not look out of place and should be color-complimented, not a random color that does not serve to complete your look. Hey some days are NOT hat days…and its okay-don’t wear it today. • If you are going to wear a big old wide brimmed hat you better WERK!!...Strut, walk with confidence and look your best because everybody will be looking at you! Wearing a hat for women indicates modesty and respect. So removing it is not necessary once it has been placed on your head. For men removing a hat represents respect. Hats are great fashion pieces-enjoy them in a civil manner! Classily Yours!!