"Good Ridance Kanye West!" | 10 Reasons Why We Aint Mad Tho'

Kardashian & West | Why We Aint Mad Tho I love Brothers...almost to a fault-okay, not almost! I love them a lot. And I hate to see a hot commodity brother bounce on the Sistas...BUT...one Brother Im NOT Sad to see Move On is Kanye West, or Mr. Kardashian-because I like Kim way better than him as of recently.

I'm Secretly a Huge KK Fan. #DontJudgeMe

Kanye West had been one of my faves since before I really knew who he was!

I was rapping along with All Falls Down ... "hair so long that it look like weave..."

Man, I loved that he had that Brownie Girlfriend who looked like me and it didn't hurt that she also threw up that mighty Pyramid like me too! I loved that his Mama was a smart, out-spoken, power chick and had her own mind. I loved me some Kanye. Please note, past tense.

Then there was a series of shall we say "stange women" mostly after his Mother, Donde West, passed away.

Kanye West & Amber Rose

...Amber Rose was the Last Straw.

Here are 10 Reasons Why Classy, BlackGirls are NOT Mad Tho' that he joined the Other Girl Gravy Train:

1. He Seems to Be controlling Kim Kardashian, from her clothes to her hair and make-up...and no matter what you have to say about the girl, she is gorgeous and has style. Now what good is she to the world?? Pretty gone to waste.

2. He is okay letting people say the N word...God only knows what Kim and the other Kardashians say around him. He probably has an N contest with Rob Kardashian. #iShudder

3. He fell out with Jay-Z...if it wasnt for Hov he would still be nursing that Taylor Swift flub. And that Royal Rap Dis made me ill.

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4. His ego is probably bigger than his EGO. Most men who are ego maniacs are usually compensating.

5. Who wants to have sex behind Amber Rose AND Kim Kardashian??...too many miles there!

Kanye Got Miles....and God Only Knows What else!

6. He is sweetness epitomized and has been in the Will Smith, Duane Martin and Jamie Foxxhole for a lonnnnnggg time...and Kimmy is serving as his incubating beard.

7. He likes the camera more than his baby mama and her family.

8. He is all about status, that is fine when you are 26, but when you are a grown ass man-thats played.

9. Kanye West's music stopped having any meaning at all...his lyrics are only a smidgen better than Lil waynes.

10. Im still salty about that Gold Digger line, "and when he get on he leave your ass for a white girl." ...because when Im out and that song comes on I want to dance too...but I feel like I want to sock a hoe when the white girls get juiced when he says that line...and they say it too... #IJustCant

And while there are many MORE reasons to NOT be mad tho about Kanye West (or any other brother) moving to the Whiter Side of Life...I just actually hate his attitude and that he called Kim K a bitch in a complimentary way...I mean if thats what it means to have a brother-sign me up for the white side too.

But wait...Did he Really Blame Kim K because he came in #7 on MTV's Best Rappers List? He sounded like Gator from Jungle Fever (speaking of the Fever) in this Radio Interview.

Kanye Makes Excuses... BONUS REASON: He Thinks that Lil Wayne should be the Number One Rapper of all time...with lines like "I beat the P*ssy Up Like Emmett Till"...????....Donde West is rolling over in her grave!! I know that she is ashamed.

Still Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery Etiquette & Lifestyle PowerBlogger | Author | Professional Speaker