Get Smooth and Eczema Free Skin this Fall!

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My skin has been amazing this fall....usually this is not the case.  I experience excessive dryness and its definitely NOT beautiful.  Yeah, eczema is painful and when it gets started its hard to get rid of the redness and flakiness.

This season I am having the smoothest and silkiest fall ever.  The winter changing isn't affecting me even a little bit.  As a women of Color we are accustomed to ashiness but eczema is a whole different animal outside of it being irritating I cannot even wear the sweaters that I love because of how my skin behaves.

In my Clutch at ALL times. Lipgloss, cute earrings and my Aveeno hand cream! #AveenoEczemaTherapy #ad #mc

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Here are a few simple tips to help keep your brown skin silky and smooth this fall:

1. Use a gentle detergent, you can also add vinegar with a small bit of lavender essential oils as a home made and gentle fabric softener to a colored washing load.  This keeps your clothes friendly to your skin.

2. Take warm showers or baths. I like to use Aveeno Eczema Therapy Bath Treatment at least once a week. This simple treatment can stop any flaking or itching from eczema before it even starts!

3. Use mild soap and make sure that it's fragrance free! 

4. Lotion up while you are still wet! 

Remember when you were a little kid and your mom used to lotion you up right out of the bath? There was a reason for that, applying a lotion like AVEENO Eczema Skin Therapy will keep the moisture in and while the bathroom is still a little steamy it conditions the skin from the inside out leaving it golden and bronze!  

Your skin will be super dewy and it will feel extremely soft!

5. Avoid itchy or scratchy clothes. Your favorite sweater might be made of wool but if you have eczema that flares, give the wool sweater a break. 

Smooth Hands Quick Tip! Keep Aveeno Hand Cream in Your Clutch!

I don't go a single place without my Aveeno hand cream. My hands get dry all of the time and I'm always shaking hands, so I keep my hands smooth.

October is National Eczema Awareness Month and I was fortunate enough to be an AVEENO Influencer because I love what Aveeno does for the skin and I wanted to share it with my amazing readers!

How do you keep your skin silky and smooth during the fall and winter months?