Get Fit At Home & On the Go! #Resolutions2015

This post was sponsored by Target® through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own.

It's 2015! I have an awesome new career, new man and I am apartment hunting for a fab new place that my career is elevating me to. Yep, it's ALL new!

2015 is literally the year that I have been waiting for!


However, what isn't new is my health and fitness regimen. I have always been a Curvalicious girl....and that will never change. Sometimes it's a tight size 12 that I am wearing or a comfy size 16, but I always want to make sure that I am putting my health first and one of the things that 2015 didn't give me was time!  Target® is helping me to virtually CREATE MORE.

Working Out From Home!

I love the gym but sometimes I only have 20 minutes here or 45 minutes there and quite frankly sometimes a walk around the block or a sweaty DVD are the best options for me to get my daily fitness in!  Working out from home really eliminates the excuses that we can sometimes create in our minds when we are not as motivated as we should be!


Hot Workout Clothes from Target® C9

I was perusing the Target® Website and found ALL of these fly deals on workout to wear clothes! I am all about looking cute when doing anything! 


What I love about these clothes from Target® C9 is that you can totally take them from "walking to working!" That means that I can get up in the morning with a workout state of mind, throw on my workout clothes and wear them all day long!

I found these adorable grey reversible workout pants and yoga top that hides my tummy and shows off my bummy!  All that I have to do is change my shoes and I am literally ready for a coffee shop meeting!

Working out for me has to wrap around my lifestyle.  It has to be easy, fun and if I can help it....fabulous!  
Here are some other ways that I make sure that I get my Dirty Thirty Minutes of Cardio in every day:


1. Keep my workout clothes clean and easily accessible!...that means have a drawer for your workout clothes.  They are special!

2. Don't think about it, just do it.  I find that working out first thing keeps me from dreading it all day long.  Working out in the morning also keeps my energy high throughout the day!

3. Buy MORE Fab Workout Clothes!  And since we don't have time to be shopping (okay, there is always time for shopping) hit the web and check out the Target® C9 line.  It will most definitely keep you FINE!

How well have you been keeping your New Years Resolutions?