Are You Fronting While Dating?

Are You Fronting While Dating?


When dating we all "bring our representatives." I get that and in fact I can't even get mad, I have brought a representative or two. It's called fronting while dating...we all do it.

However, after a few weeks you gotta "give up the fronting ghost" and stop sucking that gut in. Pretending about anything is fruitless and I just don't have time for that type of foolishness. I work, I write, I hustle and I am busy. I dont need to pretend about the fact that these arent always my eyelashes, I'm not 5'9, I'm grumpy most mornings and I'm not always up on my physical fitness.

He Told Me the Fitness Lie

I was out having drinks with my best friend. It was casual, I was clearly NOT on the hunt. Jean skirt and I t-shirt. This dude is sitting near us and he is cute, friendly and pudgy. If he was cool, I could be interested. Pudge and all. He ordered pizza and a drink. I was having wine for dinner. Our convo goes,

HIM: "Would you like to have some of my pizza?" ME: "No, but thank you, I just got back from a trip and I want to maintain my physical fitness!" HIM: "Okay cool." ME: "So what do you do for fun?" HIM: "I like to come to places like district and workout." *side-eye*

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Come On Son...what is the purpose of telling me that you like to workout when you are clearly not a fan of a healthy lifestyle?

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Personally, I dont like to workout and I love to cook and eat. I dont ever tell anybody that I workout for fun, I workout because I have to!

I cook, drink wine and love life, I want to meet a guy who loves that type of lifestyle! I admire 6-pack dudes but since I dont have a 6-pack I'm not demanding that my dude have one. I like big dudes that in the words of my girl Christina Majaski, "I prefer a man who owns his bigness."

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Facebook Fronting ClassyBlackGirl

Personally if you are your true self you are more likely to meet somebody who enjoys life the way that you do weather that is fit or foodie! Please do not tell the Fitness lie! Its just not necessary!

Fronting is Fruitless

The thing about fronting is that eventually the truth comes out. And if you tell the fitness lie, you will waste time dating a girl(or guy) who is a gym rat when that's the last place that you want to be.

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