ClassyBlackGirl is Losing Weight with Freshly Meal Plans!

I have gotten too comfortable being uncomfortable. My under ware is NOT fitting right (yes...I am talking panties), my clothes have not been making me feel sexy and my belly is getting too big. I need a food intervention. I need now.



I'm not Klumpish (I still got it!), but being a former fat girl I know that it's a slippery slope to going from thick to fat. I work from home and I have been starting to rock yoga pants and college t-shirts instead of the high heeled shoes and the tight, white outfits that I have been known for. So when I went to put on my famous Lisa Raye "whites" (my all-white sexy outfits)...I knew that some things had changed-drastically.

I have been too busy to make time for my best friend so healthy cooking has not been on the calendar frequently. I know, "who can be that busy?" well when you work for yourself you find yourself living on coffee and fast food drive thrus.
Super Unhealthy.


I saw Freshly on Facebook and I like the concept for a couple reasons:

* Freshly is Fresh food,
* Freshly is high protein AND low carbs
* Freshly is Gluten-Free
* there are NO preservatives
* Freshly is delivered direct to my DOOR!
* I would not have to continually ask myself, "What am I going to have for dinner?"

I am so looking forward to preservative free food, portion control and high protein and Gluten Free eating! I have been eating like I don't have any shame...and that's just not like me.


I am going to give real feedback and real thoughts on my Freshly food experiences and if you want to join me, please feel free to use the CODE "Classy" in this post they will pay me a few pennies for my honest review when you purchase using this link AND the discount code "classy" you will also get a 50% discount on your first week of food!

Just Visit and when you check out...use the Code: CLASSY and get 50% off on your first week!

So I invite you to join me and get your physical life back together too and get Freshly Fine for the Fall.

Now I need to get my exercise life together!

Find Out More About How I Will Be Getting Back to Fit and Fine right here at