Fresh Produce and Gluten Free Goodies at the Neighborhood Market! #GOWalmart

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I have been focusing on heath and wellness lately, but convenience and price are also very important to me when choosing Fresh Produce!

At the Walmart Neighborhood Market I was so excited to find a full Gluten-Free section and tons of Organic food all over the store!  The idea that I am able to get the best quality of foods and produce to keep my body moving like a well oiled machine right at the local Walmart Neighborhood Market is positively everything!  I like Fresh Produce, good meat and healthier snacks!

Check out some of my finds that totally Surprised and Delighted me:

The Fresh Produce!

These Fuji Apples were so beautiful!  I had to get a dozen, I snack on apples with peanut butter almost daily to get protein and nutrients but also because they taste so darn delicious!

A lot of us see Melons and Pineapples only as summer fruits, but they are really important for their Anti-Oxidants, vitamins and minerals to help prevent diseases!  The Walmart Neighborhood Market has an awesome variety of these life-saving natural sweet-treats!  Whenever they are in season I like to get these delightful fruits into my diet to keep my natural beauty at 100!

No summer salad is complete without BIG JUICY FRESH TOMATOES!! 

The Gluten Free Goodies!

There are more Gluten Free products out there than I could have ever imagined!  From cake batter to chocolate covered pretzels, the Gluten Free section at the Neighborhood Market is expanding and for those who suffer from Celiac disease-this is delicious slice of heaven! 

Who would have imagined that Betty Crocker made Gluten Free Cookie batter?

High Fives all-around for Gluten-Free pasta!

The fresh produce, super fresh cuts of meat and organic foods make the Neighborhood Market a one stop shop with food that you just can't find anywhere else.  I was surprised and delighted at the varieties offered and I am excited about the next fun trip back to the new brand of Walmart, The Neighborhood Market!

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What is the most important Fresh Produce that you look for when shopping for groceries?