Fashion Friday: How Do I Wear the Peplum Look?

How to Rock the Peplum Look!

peplum plus The peplum look is sooooo my favorite look right now. Okay, its actually generally my favorite look period because so many body types can rock this sexy and flirty look! Weather you are a skinny minnie or a pretty plus-you can make this look work for you. I am simply excited that it came back in style but I have been wearing this look for a while because of my body type! Here is how you can rock it to fit your body!

Remember Sandra(Jakee Harry) on 227?

She would look so pretty and over sexy in those Peplum dresses and pumps?

Peplum Sandra 227

The most common body types are:

  • Hour Glass
  • Y(big on top, little legs)
  • Pear Shaped(small on top, big on the bottom)
  • Straight up and down H
  • Round in the middle

This look works for everybody except for the round in the middle.

A round belly can work with this look, a round body may have a tough time loving how they look in this trend. The whole goal of this look is to give just about any body type an hourglass look!


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The Y girl will love this look because it can balance out the broad shoulders and make her look more hippy and more hourglass.

The pear shaped girl can emphasize her small waist and shake it up while covering whatever tummy that she might have.

The straight up and down girl will love this look because where she hasn't had hips in the past she can now give the appearance of a girl with some rocking hips!

This look works for plus sized and slim girls alike, and really benefits both of them.

You must make sure that you have a long enough peplum, the part that makes your touche look "pooched out" and covers your tummy, MUST be long enough. The skirt must also be long enough to hit just over the knee-this will elongate the leg...and honey even models want their legs to look longer!

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