Fall Trend Alert - Little Red Ballet Shoes! #Fashion

I was fortunate enough to receive a fabulous little pair of size 9 Little Red Ballet Shoes from Linge Shoes!   You know how I feel about all things Red!

Ballet Shoes Heaven

Yes, ya girl sat her 4 inch pumps down for some foot reprieve but I was not going to sacrifice style!  I rocked my little Red Ballet Flats with a navy blue slip dress and my favorite Red Sorority Girl Sweater.

It was like I was walking on air all day long and making a fashion statement at the same dang time!  

These Linge Ballet shoes are cute, comfy and I know that they are going to be a Big Fall trend!  Ballet Flats are not just for Ballerina's or for those moments after the club anymore when you have a pair of beat feet.

And you don't have to just stick to Red, they come in a multitude of beautiful colors! 

Ballet Shoes are fashionable all on their own and will be my go to grab shoes when I want something cute, comfortable and a pop of color!  And did I mention that they are leather? Yeas child.  Sturdy and Classy.

Make sure that you check them out on Instagram, I ADORE these little shoes for the babies!! I'm going to cop a pair for my niece!  

What do you think of this awesome Fall Trend?

Get Your Own Pair of Linge Shoes by checking them out online!


Sweet Price

These shoes aren't too pricey either!  At just $59 for women, $39 for baby/kids.

There is even a Coupon code: SUMMER25 for 25% off your order!!