Fabulous Finds Friday!!

Tressemme Split End Remedy Its Favorite Fabulous Finds Friday!!

Today I have a Beauty Product on Tap for You! Tresemme Split End Remedy Conditioner!

And its my new love. My Mother, also a curly girl, has been recommending it to me for a few months, but I was not terribly interested because I was not looking for a Split End Remedy.

The TRESemme Spilt End Remedy Conditioner is Excellent!

I am a curly hair girl! I co-wash my hair probably once to three times per week depending on my activity and how I am going to wear my hair! So I am always looking for a great new product to make my hair feel great. But the real plus on this product is that it really helped me to comb my hair out.

As a natural curly-hair girl my hair gets tangled almost immediately after I comb it out! And if I have not combed my hair out in a few days, it could be murder trying to get out the tangles! This product makes my hair soft, and I work out the tangles soooooo easily!!

So I am reccomending this amazing product to you because I simply love it and know that my curly hair girls would love it too!!

Why I Love It:

* Smells Really Good * It Makes my Hair feel really Silky and hydrated * I Can comb my hair out easily with this product * Its Curly Girl Friendly * Its Not too Expensive!

So try it out and let me know what you think!!

Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery The Last Word in Class Blogger-Author | Etiquette & Lifestyle Trainer | Professional Speaker