EU Court: Google must remove links to personal material upon request

I was watching the news and I saw this run across my screen.  While most people may not be so interested in this topic, this was jaw dropping for me.

While so many people are probably excited about the fact that they can remove some of their bad behavior or even acurate information.  This may seem like a victory for privacy, but its not a victory for truth.  So are people going to now be able to remove entire historical experiences?  And what happens to our links, as online content creators and curators?

This is the law now in the European courts, but will this leak over into our American court system as well?  I have not quite been able to wrap my head around this topic, what it really means to the interenet and to "bad actors."

So will the Kardashian's be able to wipe out internet history so agressively that in 40 years we will see her as a Mother and a "socialite?"  I really feel that this is breaching on censorship in the most appalling way and I am afraid of where this could go.  Because of the cost to seach engines for these removals would they ding content creators for thought or opinion pieces?

It almost the equivalent to burning books.

What say you?