Earth Etiquette: Black People DO Recycle!

Black Women Do Recycle! Its Manners Month and one of the most UNMANNERABLE things to do is to disrespect Mother Earth!

...when we throw away recyclables, its disrespect. And there is sooooo much that we can recycle!

There is Earth Etiquette, like a dude with a good job, take care of our Earth!

I know, I might be thinking... "Black People do not recycle." ...But we do!

I remember being in college and my Sorority Sister Lavette Riggins-Bobbit, now she is married with two children, was fussing at me for not recycling.  I was throwing ALL of my lunch trash-into the trash!  Okay that was in the late 90's.  Fast forward to 2013. Now we are more educated and know so much more about what each plastic bottle means to our landfills and our future children's and grand children's space here on Earth.

And most of us Recycle...if you don't Sista I am calling you OUT! Check Out this Facebook Page to Learn More About Why Sistas Should Recycle!

So when I was brought this amazing Arrowhead campaign to share throughout the month of March to encourage people to Recycle, espeically those plasitc water bottles, I was more than happy to JOIN!!...after all as a Blogger its my job to share my feelings, emotions and true honest thoughts on recycling.

Here are 5 Tips to Make Recycling Easy:

1. Use the bins that you get from your local garbage company.

2. Start Recycling Paper! Once you do this you will be surprised at the amount of clutter that paper causes in your home and the sheer cleanliness and space that you have will make recycling more enticing than ever.

3. Separate glass, paper and plastic before you take your trash out. This way the elements will not stop you from taking out the recyclables because you separate them outside.

4. Use a trash can with two sides. One side for bottle/plastics, the other side for your trash!

5. Rinse out all of your bottles and cans. This keeps your recyclables clean and you dont get freaked out if you have to move them, because no critters will be crawling to and fro!

Also, see if a neighborhood kid wants to make some extra money and give him or her all of your recyclables.

Having a Neighborhood Kid Recycle Helps:

* Helps the child make money and learn about having a small business * Helps you because your Recycling is done * Helps the World by creating a culture of leaving a less visible environmental footprint

So I ask you, ClassyBlackGirl. - will YOU RECYCLE?

Sharelle D. Lowery Etiquette & Lifestyle PowerBlogger | Author | Professional Speaker