Do We Give Powerful Men Permission to Cheat?

Permission to Cheat?

Men Cheat. They just do. Not ALL men cheat, thank goodness. However, a significant amount of men do to cheat making that statement NOT a myth.

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Permission to Cheat

So many celebrity men cheat in the open, from Shaquille O'Neal to Michael Jordan to President Bill Clinton. And their wives fussed, but they all undoubtedly stood by their men after the discretions had been made public. It is rare to have an Elin Woods situation occur. We all remember Elin Woods, Tiger Woods former wife who put the smack down on Tiger Woods after she became fed up with his extra marital activities. The most powerful thing that Elin Woods did was that she actually left and then she never went back.

Tiger and Elin Woods Permission to Cheat

Stand By Your Man, As Long as He is Rich

It appears that women who marry men with a significant amount of money and power basically pay to play. So yes he might be cheating-but his wives lifestyle is insured. She does not have to work, she shops freely, and drivels well. Is it worth the cost of lonely nights and the heart break of obvious infidelity to be relieved of the burdens of providing for yourself financially?

Weiner Permission to Cheat

Better than Being Cheated on by a Broke Man

The theory of some women is that "cheating happens" and is a reality of most relationships. The thought process is that you may as well receive the fringe benefits of being a kept woman versus being cheated on by a bus driver who makes less money than you do. The bus driver has less to lose, is more apt to have reckless rendezvous and endanger your life and both of your lifestyles versus the discretion that a more powerful man may execute. If you have this extremely jaded perception of relationships then you may as well take the money road versus the broke road since your man is going to plague you with Side Chick Drama anyway...

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