DisneySMMoms Networking Party!

On June 25th,Β I joined more than 50 of Northern California's power Bloggers at the DisneySMMoms event in Oakland at the Claremont Hotel and we had a Disney Blast!...but this Blogger Breakfast was more than a party-it was business!

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The DisneySMMoms Celebration was a "MommyBlogger" event and I was eager to learn from these women who have been very important in changing the tide in how brands see the power of women and Mothers. I met Blogging Community Managers, I caught up with old friends and I was able to get a greater feel for how Disney treats its most elite of clients, Moms. It treats them WELL!

I may not be Mommy Blogger, but I brought my Mommy, who IS a Blogger! We networked like crazy and met online content curators from ALL walks of life! It also felt good when I met fellow bloggers for the first time who had actually been admiring ME! ...how exciting is that?

One of the highlights of the morning, aside from the tasty breakfast, was the opportunity to meet CEO of Psi Brands, Romy Taormina! Romy was a featured entrepreneur on Shark Tank, one of my favorite television shows! To know that Romy Taormina was a friendly regular chick like me-but who was serious about her business warmed my heart AND my ambition! I remembered seeing her on Shark Tank and that she was serious about paying HERSELF in her business. As women, we often take a backseat, even in our own businesses, but Romy stood firm that she not only had a solid product but was a solid leader who deserved to be paid! A Real Life Power Mommy!

I really appreciate Disney for extending this opportunity to bloggers and allowing us to come together, the new and the experienced of us! I now have 20 new blogger friends and I now have an even greater affinity for Disney, the Brand. They care. This was my first Disney event, but surely it will not be the last!

...planning next Disney vacation now!

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Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery @ClassySharelle