Discretion...is HARD!

Discretion It has always been a problem for me.  I will admit, I am a talker.  I have always been a talker-I like to talk too much and often times to my detriment.  One of the things that I encourage people to do as they are having conversations whether they be casual girlfriend conversations or professional conversations-is to be intentional.

We may feel that sharing is an ideal way to get to know somebody-or for them to get to know us.  However we must be very intentional with every word.  Look at the conversation from the perspective of the receiver and not just ourselves.  I have lost friendships, scarred familial relationships and probably turned off some potential business partners because I was “too real.”  These days I realize that conversation, while always enjoyable(or at least some of the time) should always be intentional.  Do NOT say something that has the possibility of upsetting somebody else unless the information is regarding them OR is information that they need to know.  I am not encouraging you to lie by ANY stretch of the imagination but I AM suggesting that you learn how to keep your blabber mouth closed.  And if you are consistently around people that you cannot be yourself with-change those people.  But in business(and some personal situations) brevity is key!

Classily Yours,