Are you willing to DIE for Bootleg Butt Enhancements? (+Video)

"Beyonce's got it, Kanye like's it. And if you don't have it, you can buy it."

Now is the time of the A**

Women who cannot afford to go to an authentic plastic surgeon find out from friends and other women who they can go to to get Bootleg Butt Enhancements done at prices ranging anywhere from a few hundred dollars to the low thousands. These procedures are usually done in an at home "Butt Clinic" that is usually a spare room of the person performing the procedure. Women who are desperate to look like celebs and will do anything to get that look, even putting their own lives in danger.

Bootleg Butt enhancements injections

I am disturbed by any type of beauty procedure or product that alters your life so much that death or permanent damage can occur. With the fame of great posteriors: like those on Beyonce and Janet Jackson there has been an unnatural rise in the women who are using any means necessary to make their backsides standout.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery bootleg butt enhancements

From Good to Fake

It is my opinion that women like Kim Kardashian, Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj who were born with ample rears began injecting their buts and getting implants to remain relevant and "attractive." The Kim's and Nicki are celebrities and make decisions based on very superficial reasons because a "bigger than hers" butt can translate into dollars for them.

While these are celebs(and they truly look a mess), there are women all over the world who are undergoing dangerous procedures to achieve these unnatural looks.

Nicki Minaj Before and After Bootleg Butt Enhancements Injections

I was watching Nightline Prime on ABC and was saddened that there were so many young women in South America who put their lives in danger to have "wide hips and projection." But I was even more surprised that there are Black women in America that are dying to have that same appearance. I mean, did we all forget that Tameka Raymond almost died and that Donde West, Kanye West's mother, actually DIED on the operating room table in a mini-mall surgeon's office from getting a surgical procedure by Dr. Jan Adams, who has questionable certification and is probably an alcoholic? Women are willing to DIE for bootleg butt enhancements, Dr. Donde West did.

Video of Dr. Jan Adams on Larry King Live

From Breasts to Butts

Women have been getting breast enhancements since the 60's. And until the 80's it was not uncommon for women to have silicone explosions, painful or even fatal experiences. Only recently have the procedures become more safe and the care for them has become better, such as switching them out and monitoring them regularly.

Natasha Stewart Bootleg Butt Enhancements Injections Pebblez Da Model

Pebblez, Da Model, Convicted in Butt Lift Case

In the United States, 10 women have died in 7 states of illegal butt enhancements. In the most recent and famous case: Natasha Stewart, known as Pebblez, Da Model, was convicted of culpable negligence for acting as a go between in an illegal butt lift, she took $200 from Tracy Garner for referring Karima Gordon. She will serve 7 years in prison. Karima Gordon was a mother and an army vet. She died 8 days after her visit from a silicone embolism.

I was amazed at the women in who were going back several times to get butts bigger and bigger and these girls were not even 20 years old. I wonder why these women are not told that they should love themselves enough that they should invest more in their educations, their own natural beauty and growing themselves on a higher level.

What say you about butt enhancements? I do squats while watching television, go kinda hard in the gym thinking about my posterior looking good in a dress. But I would NEVER get a butt lift, by an authentic surgeon or otherwise. I have what I have. But I am disgusted that what men think of women being sexual objects are the reasons that so many women are subjecting themselves to these procedures. When did we stop telling our little girls that they were smart and beautiful and encouraging them to do it for the Vine? Where are the fathers that should be assuring their daughters that a healthy woman with a head on her shoulders is wife material?...and when did mothers and army vet's want to start looking like porn stars?

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Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery @ClassySharelle