Denzel Washington | Actor | Producer | Director


November Gentelman of Class: Mr. Denzel Washington Age: 57 Birthday: December 28, 1954 Occupation: Actor | Producer | Director

Why Denzel…

Denzel Washington is the Ultimate Man to many women.  He can easily be seen as:

  • Sex Symbol
  • Father Figure
  • Gentleman
  • Black Man "Glory" and "Malcolm X"

Portraying a gamut of roles from slave to leader of a people Denzel Washington has a mean presence that you can feel.  In each and every role he is a different character with varying sizes but always a leader portraying stealth strength.

When I saw him on the cover of this month’s Success magazine in my mailbox I immediately gobbled it up.  Denzel on the front cover was heart-stopping and made me feel like he was looking through me and right at me. #OMG

Denzel Washington has served as a representation of a strong, powerful Man...and defintely Black.  His multi-faceted career has motivated many young actors to aspire to greatness without the type of coonery and public humiliation that many celebrities have encountered.

...and being one of the most sought after, successful and sexy men in Hollywood that has not been an easy feat and I would just like to state his level of manhood as an Utimate Man of Class.  He is the type of man that ALL men can look up to. He is successful at home and in his career, always putting his family first.

Be sure and check out his new movie, "Flight." ...and pick up his latest cover on Success Magazine.  Don't we all want a Denzel??...Clutch the Pearls honey!!

Let me know what you ladies think of this Months Gentleman of Class.

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