Dating Etiquette: The Thirst | 10 Tips on how NOT to Look THIRSTY!

The Thirst | 10 Tips on how NOT to Look THIRSTY!

You know me ALL ETIQUETTE EVERYTHING, there is an Etiquette to Everything that We Do!

...and yes, there is Dating Etiquette.

Coco is the Queen of Thirst

It's Thursday and if you don't have a date or other plans you and your girls might be going out this weekend to have some drinks and fun...and meeting a cute guy would not be the worst thing!!...but please be CAREFUL not to look THIRSTY!

We all get a little thirsty from time to time, depending on what's going on in our lives...And I do NOT mean for Water!!...I mean for the opposite sex.

I have been thirsty before(contrary to popular belief) when I am feeling insecure, lonely or just plain want some masculine attention.

I honestly believe that this thirst creates an invisible force field around people who are thirsty that repels anyone that might ordinarily be interested.

This is a force that you do NOT want to be with you!

Here are my 10 Dating Etiquette Tips to Help You Keep That Thirst look low, while still being approachable!

1. Dress like a Lady. Too much cleavage, extra short dresses and clothes that are too tight make you look thirsty. I mean if your breasts AND your a$$ is out, what message are you really conveying? #THIRSTY

2. Dont ever ask anybody to buy you a drink.  This is Dating Etiquette 101!  It looks low-class, like you are an opportunist and quite frankly, your thirsty ass is begging.

3. Smile, say hello, but don't mow anybody down.  If he does not initially walk over to you, you will end up spending a lifetime begging and chasing him for attention. Men are Basic...either they want you-or they don't.

Note: These Dating Etiquette rules are for women.  It is the nature of a strong man to chase.  I'm feeling that, if a woman has to chase-he will never really be yours.  And gentlemen, if you want a woman to chase you-I have a book coming for you!

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4. Women do NOT ask a man for his phone number.  I don't even know how many ways that I can say that.  I don't give my phone number out, I will accept his if he requests mine-but I am NOT going to ask him for his. I'm not with that Womens Lib Crap...boy you betta chase this!

5. Dont touch people that you have no relationship with.  Not on the shoulder, hand or heaven forbid anywhere else!  This makes most people uncomfortable...or turns them all the way on...and NOT to have conversation about politics.  I don't want men that I dont know to touch me, so I give men the same respect.

6. After having some basic conversation, and exchanging information, excuse yourself and keep it moving.  Do not allow somebody to occupy your entire evening. Remember, you aren't thirsty-you are out to have a good time.  And if you do allow a gentleman to purchase a drink for you-that does not mean that he bought your time.  But if you dont like a dude...dont let him buy you a are giving him unrealistic hope!

7. Do not feel the need to constantly make him comfortable and call him or text him all of the time.  Men who are interested WILL initiate.  Men are not thirsty, they are hunters...let them hunt, girlfriend!

8. If you mention sex, you might as well throw your OWN phone number in the trash...because thats what he will think of you-but he MIGHT hit, tho!  So dont get that confused with him really liking you.  Sex should not come up for quite a while...not if you think that he has real potential.

9. Have a confident walk, but dont walk like you are in MID-SCREW.  You know what I am talking about, you either walk like that or you have a friend that does.  You want people to think of you like a lady-not some sex-crazed alter ego you have created.  Thats for the bedroom-when you are committed and married!  The way that you move is everything.

10. Know what you want and if he is not it, don't just date him because he is there. Be really available(but not too available) to the type of man that you want and deserve!  Dating Etiquette also means that you respect other people and treat them the way that you would like to be treated-with honesty.

I have mysterious down to a science and that intrigues a man more than anything, but if you are available, his value on you will be low.  If he is authentically interested-he will let you know!  You dont have to display thirst to let him know, I have honestly felt that most men LOVE women that play a little hard to get-even though they will never admit it-and nobody is going to wife up the thirsty chick, she is probably the easy chick too!

P.S. I will give this to you for free! | Don't Sext. That breaks all of the Dating Etiquette Rules and now we have "Hoe Etiquette" for you...and Draya.

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