Dark Girls Rise?

Tonight was the premiere of the highly anticipated Dark Girls on OWN. It was earth shattering and highly informative. I am so excited that Oprah and OWN decided that this project was not too controversial to tackle. Frankly, tonight on OWN Sistas OWN'ed it! dark girls classyblackgirl


Why the Need for Dark Girls

The Color Complex issues that plague our Black community are massive and the Dark Girls documentary re-opened our eyes to an open wound that we only pretended was closed. From the books, "Our Kind of People" to "The Color Complex" colorism has remained a permanant fixture of our society since Black slaves entered this country and women of color were treated as chattle, raped and a mixed race of people was created. Most African-American people are descendants of that mixed race.

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My Personal Thoughts About Dark Girls

Personally, I was appalled and disgusted by the treatment of women who are darker skinned. At the same time I felt like the internal issues between women of varying shades was one that I felt most connected to. I'm no Vanessa Williams, but I have a little bit of cream in my coffee and because of that Sistas who get bad treatment from the world and from men sometimes turn their frustrations onto other Black Women. Black Women that Dark(er) Girls feel may have received an easier way or road because their skin was more conforming to the conventional standard of beauty. But in the grand scheme of things, we are ALL Dark Girls, we ALL encounter these problems and we have all wondered why somebody would judge us based on what they see, not what they know.

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dark girls classyblackgirl

After Thoughts on Dark Girls

I wrote this article last night, filled with the hope and promise that Dark Girls would begin a conversation that would heal old wounds and create greater bonds Among Black People and Women of Color. Being a Dark Girl unites us all. How misinformed I was. I had no idea that Black Twitter would go so crazy and turn on itself. Black Women literally going in on other Black Women because of what's now being called, light skinned privilege. What the heck is that?? I thought that we were all in the same game. I know enough to know that this is not all Sista's just a few who are still hurting from wounds that maybe DONT cut as deep as mine, they feel. But please remember Sistas of All Hues, that we are all experiencing the negative effects of Colorism. I implore you to look through life from a different lens, put yourself in somebody elses shoes-then walk.

We expect or desire other people to not judge us based on our color and we are cutting each other to the white meat, no pun intended.

"White people made me appreciate my skin color, black people made me question it."

A Black Girls Resolution

While it would be nice if Brothers would see women for the beauty that they posses inside, that's probably not going to happen. Because if we are honest with ourselves, a LOT of this unspoken animosity is based on what appears to be the lack of available brothers.

As a Black Woman I am planning on being mindful of what I say and even think about other Sistas. Love for all women Black starts with me. Not just for the adult women who have endured Colorism since they were children, but for the young girls coming behind them. It starts with one.

What Will YOU Do to Work on the Colorism featured  in Dark Girls?