Coconut Spray for Hair, Skin and Scars! #Beauty

I am classy and yes I do get ashy.  

In fact, I get ashy a lot!  I often run out of the house looking fabulous and then I look down and here goes my ash! Ekkkk!!!...all over my legs!

I was fortunate enough to receive a big old bottle of CapriClear and it changed my legs silky, skin life.  Yup, got it back!

CapriClear is made of 100% fractionated coconut oil.  You all know how I feel about all things Coconut Oil.  

CapriClear is a spray on moisturizer and I love how it allows me to spray my arms and legs really fast and get out of the house and stay shiny and ash-free.  I don't usually have time to use heavy lotion and make sure that it has been 100% absorbed into my skin, so CapriClear makes staying ash free easy and even if I still miss my legs I can grab the small bottle and hit my legs and arms in the car. 

I also use it on my natural hair before I go to bed to give it some moisturizing nourishment and revitalize my curls.

CapriClear Treats my Scars Too!

A super benefit is that CapriClear works on Scars too.  I have a scar on the side of my face and although it's small and not terribly noticeable, I notice it daily.  I can spray my face two times get my face smooth and I can treat my scar.

CapriClear is also very soothing for those with eczema and it's 100% natural.  It even has the National Eczema Association (NEA) Seal of Acceptance and is part of the Eczema and Sensitive Skin Education (EASE) program.

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Using CapriClear is part of my daily routine and it can be at the awesome price of $19.99 for a pretty big bottle that will last you for a few months (even if you use it a lot like me).  You can pick it up at Ulta, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and of course I would dig it if you picked it up here and help ya girl make a few coins!