Cleaning Up Before the Big Game!

I was compensated to write about my experience at Lucky's with Procter & Gamble but ALL opinions are strictly classy and my own!

Yup...I hate cleaning up. Even before the big game on Sunday! I know, it's not exactly the classiest thing to admit, but hey.  Fortunately I was invited to Lucky's to meet the uber handsome Mr. Roger Craig and I got a ton of Procter and Gamble goodies to encourage me to clean up before the Big Game!....

....because now that its football season, Sunday is always around the corner!  And when friends and family come over I want my house to be squeaky clean and smell nice and fresh!

There was a LINE through the parking lot of the San Bruno shopping center in front of the Lucky Supermarket.  

Bay Area folks were all a BUZZ to see NFL Legend Roger Craig and of course to "spin the wheel!" and get cleaning goodies from Procter & Gamble! The entire grocery store was full of excitement and all of the employees were rocking 49ers gear.

Me and a few bloggerista friends of mine and my main squeeze (My Mom!) had the opportunity to snap some neat photos and ask Roger Craig a few questions about his award winning football career and of course what he thinks about the team now!

A Few Quick Tips on keeping your house clean and classy on Pre-Game Days:

  • Clean Up Daily for 30 Minutes, that way you do not have to stress on game day, since most of it will already be done! 
  • Make cleaning up like exercise so that you can kill two birds with one stone
  • Use Tide Pods to make washing your clothes a CLEAN and easy snap! Mom loves these!

I received an awesome care package filled with goodies from Procter and Gamble and you can receive the same exact package AND a $25 buck gift card!

Yes, its football ya girl is in a sharing mood (courtesy of P & G)! You can get yours too!  I am giving away a pack just like the one that I got!

We will also send you a prize pack to give to one of your readers that includes:

  •    $25 Visa Gift Card
  •  Tide PODS
  • Cascade Action Pacs
  • Febreze Air Effects
  • Pantene 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Crest Toothpaste

Holla back and let me know how YOU clean up before the big game!