Clean Up Clutter and Collect Cash!

I am all about loving what I do, I was also fortunate to receive compensation to chat with my beloved readers about the Close5 app!

Its the end of the year and while a lot of people are focusing on what they are going to add into their lives for 2015, I like to make sure that I am getting rid of the old items that I simply do not need anymore. 


There is a tradition in the African-American culture that you make sure that all of your clothes are washed and that your house be completely cleaned before the New Year bell rings at midnight...or else your home will be dirty for the rest of the year.  

Of course I do NOT want a cluttered house for the next year...and quite frankly I had wanted to get rid of a LOT of stuff.  I do a Fall cleaning and usually toss or giveaway a LOT of things just to get the items out of my home.  

I have always wondered about actually selling items online, especially used items! #Close5 has been an awesome answer to my "clutter cluelessness!"...and I am able to get rid of things and share them with people close to me! 

I purchased some things from Close 5 and it was a seamless process!  Now I am hyped about selling some of my own!

It was really easy to list my products! kinda felt like I was setting up my own store, but it was so easy!  I decided to sell a Studio Nova fruit bowl that I have had for a while. I took pictures of the product that I wanted to sell...right from the app!  I didn't have to use a fancy camera or anything and before I knew it  I had a product up for sale!

Although I have not sold the fruit bowl yet I anticipate it selling quickly and I am about to put on a LOT more products to keep my home and life clutter free and my pockets a little more full as I go into 2015!

Find out a little more about selling your things online to your neighbors!

How do you de-clutter or make extra money?

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